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          Children's Centers

        Yale Public Schools Children’s Centers offer day care facilities in all of our elementary schools. The programs offered include before and after school latchkey, day care, and preschool. Our centers are open Monday through Friday 6 AM – 6 PM during normal school days including half days.

Latchkey can be used daily, weekly, monthly or as back up. Advance notice is encouraged to ensure a spot. Staff is scheduled according to child ratio. Latchkey is charged on an hourly basis of $4/hour. Schedules are due a week in advance.

Day care is charged the same as latchkey.

Preschool runs from 8:45am – 11:45am Monday/Wednesday/Friday or
Tuesday/Thursday.  Preschool is charged on a daily basis, $12.00/day and is due monthly.

 We do require a yearly registration fee of $25/child.
2014-2015 Children's Center Registration Forms
2014-2015 Children's Center Registration Form Cover
2014-2015 Children's Center Emergency Form
2014-2015 Children's Center Preschool Handbook
2014-2015 Children's Center Day Care and Latchkey Handbook
2014-2015 Children's Center Schedule

For more information or questions on how to enroll your child/children into our program
please contact the center of your choice:

Avoca                       810 387 3231 x 2440        Director, Eustolia Chapa
Farrell-Emmett        810 387 3231 x 3440        Director, Dawn Vokes
Yale                          810 387 3231 x 1440        Director, Rachel McLarty